Invite to Biodiversity Plan & Garden Competition Launch

Loughrea Biodiversity Plan

You are invited to the launch of the “Loughrea Planning for our town and its natural heritage 2013-16” Biodiversity Plan and also the launch of Loughrea Spring Garden Competition at the Lough Rea Hotel & Spa, this Tuesday 10th December at 8pm.

The evening organised by Loughrea Tidy Towns and Loughrea Nature Watch,  will showcase work already taking place in Loughrea and highlight plans for the next few years. Also in attendance will be Dr Janice Fuller, Ecological and Heritage Consultant, who delivered the biodiversity training and facilitated the development of the Biodiversity Action Plan.

Light refreshments will be served. Admission is free and all are welcome.

Loughrea Biodiversity Plan
Loughrea was selected as one of nine towns and villages in east Galway to produce a community biodiversity plan in 2013. The project was funded by the Leader Company, Galway Rural Development. Dr. Janice Fuller, Consultant Ecologist, facilitated the production of the plan. Three public meetings were held in early 2013 to identify potential projects, events and/or activities that would have some nature and 6 wildlife component and that might be included in the plan. The final plan produced builds on existing projects and initiatives that aim to protect and enhance nature, the environment and natural amenities in the town, and includes some new projects.

Biodiversity Training was provided for interested individuals and groups in Loughrea in order to raise awareness of what biodiversity is, why it is important, where it is, and the many benefits of biodiversity for people, communities and the environment. The focus of the training was to produce a Biodiversity Plan for the town.
Residents and groups from Loughrea met on three occasions with ecologist, Dr Janice Fuller. Dr Fuller provided the training and facilitated the production of the Biodiversity Plan. The objectives and actions of the plan were decided by the local community.

Various agencies and environmental organisations were consulted as the plan was developed in order to learn more about biodiversity in the Loughrea area.
The project to produce a local Biodiversity Action Plan for Loughrea was a collaborative effort between Galway County Council, Galway Rural Development, People and Nature Project, Galway County Heritage Forum, Galway County Biodiversity Steering Group and the local community. The project to produce local Biodiversity Action Plans is an action in the County Galway Biodiversity Action Plan 2008- 2013, which is part of the Galway County Heritage Plan 2009- 2014. It was initiated by the Galway County Heritage Forum and the Galway County Biodiversity Steering Group, in partnership with Galway Rural Development.
Read the Biodiversity Plan for Loughrea: Loughrea Biodiversity Plan